Smart Pool Partner

Measures the pH value, the ORP/Redox value, the conductivity/TDS (salt concentration) and the pool temperature.

The Pool Partner transmits the measured values by wifi/bluetooth to your mobile device. Recommendations for further water treatment are indicated, alarm in cas of action required, made in the EU.

- low floating line (approx. 18mm), can also be used with pool covers
- total height 150 mm
- incl. 4 sensores, pH, ORP/Redox, contactivity, temperature, "plug and play"
- data as weather condition, alkalinity, water hardness,...
- longlasting, changeable sensores
- steady control of water conditions
- rechargeable battery via USB, 1 charge/season (approx. 8 months)
- simple connection to the local wifi net, cell phone and tablet
- free download app
- spare part service

Customer Information Flyer
pdf, 3 Mb
Professionals Information Flyer
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