Praher Plastics® 7-position backwash valve V6 To Mount 3” ASA-GF

6 bar
Available in ASA-GF (6 bar) version and in various colours and connections

Praher Plastics<sup>®</sup>


  • easy handling
  • multi-lingual non-smudging laser printing
  • optimal flow and pressure loss rates
  • extreme low-noise operation
  • made of high quality UV resistant and impact resistant ASA-GF
  • high durable sealing material and pressure springs installed on the valve plate
  • pressure tightness and operation tests according to DIN 3230
  • easy installation on the AQUASTAR® automatic backwash valve actuator
  • additional „winter position“ for release for the sealing system


Swimming pool, spa and sauna when high operating pressure is needed and with temperatures up to 50°C

Installation manual
Installation manual_German
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